Operational Due Diligence Services 

Conducting operational due diligence on asset managers is a requirement for today’s institutional allocators. Outsourcing this function provides independent opinions and relieves the allocator of conflicts of interest.

Outsourcing Benefits

With outsourced operational due diligence, the client relies on PRISM’s expertise, and receives extensive independent assurance reports on each hedge fund, including an overall opinion on operational risk and benchmarking in each operational area.

Research & Knowledge Sharing

PRISM conducts ongoing industry research enabling it to serve clients applying current best practice standards. “PRISM Insights” is the official publication for PRISM’s ODD white papers. PRISM also conducts ongoing ODD on fund administrators for its clients.

PRISM’s Value Add

PRISM is a leading provider in operational due diligence since 2009, serving institutional clients around the world. PRISM’s founder, Lauri Martin Haas, has 28 years of operational due diligence experience, having evaluated thousands of funds and hundreds of financial firms.

Hedge Funds

PRISM’s founder was one of the first professionals to conduct ODD on hedge funds in 2001.

Private Capital

PRISM applies academic ODD standards to private equity, real estate, and venture funds, while keeping in mind the nature of closed end vehicles.

Esoteric Investments

PRISM enjoys the complexity and detail of esoteric investments; and looks into each asset to analyze the structural risks.