Hedge fund operational due diligence since 2009.

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PRISM LLC can provide fund directors to fund of hedge funds. PRISM’s edge in fund fiduciary is the long mileage of experience within hedge fund operational risk and due diligence, providing the ability to see hedge funds more clearly, and in the right light.

Corporate governance is critical to the internal control structure of a fund, and fund directors stand at the beginning of the line when a problem such as a re-structuring or litigation occurs. Directors not only serve as a gate-keeper, but they are in a position to routinely advise the fund’s management of industry best practices in terms of operations and investor requirements. Overall, evaluating the credentials and independence of each director is key to assessing structural risks and evaluating their role throughout the life of the fund.


PRISM aims to provide directorship services to under 15 fund boards, providing executive oversight and expertise into the aspects that go into a hedge fund. Directorships are offered on a limited basis, and PRISM works alongside corporate governance firms on split boards, providing a unique make-up of expertise by both parties. As part of the role of sitting on a board, PRISM can conduct annual operational due diligence on its directorship clients, mirroring the process of an assurance report normally produced for institutional investors.

Hedge Fund and Private Equity Fund Operational Due Diligence

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