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PRISM Insights

PRISM Insights are one page white papers on operational trends in alternative investment funds. PRISM Insights were launched in 2015, and today over 130 briefs have been issued to the market.


Including discussions on remote operational due diligence, private company valuations, financial fraud, and technology during ODD.


Including discussions on anti-bribery, use of leverage, cash reconciliations, P/E self administration, and compliance automation.


Including discussions on diversity, best practices for small and large managers, human resources, and exposure to material non public information.

PRISM’s 2021 Insights

Focusing on thought leadership, and ongoing testing of the ODD process.

2021 Operational Due Diligence Outlook

2021 looks to bring much of the same as 2020, with the one exception being 9 months of experience with remote ODD behind us.

Money Laundering Risk and Operational Due Diligence.

AML best practices and why they pay dividends.

Ancillary software is found to significantly reduce operational risk.

Ancillary software can boost a firm’s risk management undertaking by adding additional transparency to management, and when needed, to lawyers and regulators.