Hedge Fund & Private Equity Fund Operational Due Diligence Since 2009

PRISM is an ODD consultant that provides institutional quality analysis and reporting to its clients.

Lauri Martin Haas conducts the ODD for all funds, and is a well known industry professional with extensive institutional experience evaluating operational risk since the 1990s. An industry veteran working for 26 years with top global institutions, Lauri was one of the first practitioners to look at both operational risk at banks, and then operational risk in hedge funds. PRISM’s clients include banks, funds of funds, endowments, investment consultants, pensions, family offices, insurance companies, and hedge funds.


A few things PRISM specializes in 

PRISM believes in specialization and the philosophy of 10,000 hours of practice.

Hedge Funds

PRISM’s founder was one of the first professionals to conduct ODD on hedge funds in 2001.

Private Equity/Venture Funds

PRISM applies academic operational risk standards to private equity and venture funds, while understanding the actual risks.

Esoteric Investment Funds

PRISM enjoys the complexity and detail of alternative investments; and looks to each asset to dissect the risks.

PRISM’S Differentiating Factors

PRISM has unparalleled years of experience conducting thousands of ODD assessments on alternative investment funds. PRISM’s Founder was one of the first operational risk practitioners in capital markets in the 1990s and one of the first ODD professionals in hedge funds in 2001. PRISM’s work is conducted by PRISM’s Founder with consistency and experience across every operational risk assessment.